Classic American/Gadsden Blend

Classic American/Gadsden Blended Split Flag


This was a custom request, and due to its popularity, we decided to make it available to all.

This has the Modern Gadsden Snake, painted in full color, on the lower right, with Dont Tread On Me engraved directly in the strip below.  The strips on the right are initially stained Red and White, but with a subtle yellow added 

This is available in Medium, Large, and XL

Handcrafted with locally sourced materials.  Grab your unique piece of American pride and put it on display, or give it to a loved one as an incredibly unique gift!

Handmade, right in Brooklyn, CT
All engravings are done with our state of the art CNC Machine
Torched Grain to enhance the Rustic Design
Each piece is stained and sealed with 4 coats of satin finish.
Gloss is available on request
Black Wood mounting frame with a Freedom Cleat included!
Beveled Edges on all 13 stripes & union
Several Sizes available
Full Customization options (Engraved stripes/logos/etc) available

Please allow a 4-6 week lead time as each piece is handmade to perfection. If rush processing is required (1-2 weeks), please contact us by email.



Medium - 36 x 19.5

Large - 48 x 26

XL - 60 x 32.5