Stardock (Themed) Headphone Stand by BHE Designs

Stardock Themed Headphone Stand.  This headphone stand is made from Maple Plywood (Pictured) with three layers of 5mm Acrylic sandwiched in for a total thickness just over 3.5 Inches.  This piece stands 5 inches wide and 10 inches tall.  Included, is a LED Microcontroller, RGB LEDs, a power supply and a remote for changing colors.  This unit can be made from any type of wood available, but looks best with dark woods.  Pictured is gunstock stained Maple Plywood.  This unit can be personalized with your logo as well for an additional cost.  This unit will fit any headset available on the market.  This unit also has a one year warranty on the stand, as well as the lights & hardware.